Application of stretched acrylic sheets

Acrylic glass is most transparent of all polymeric materials. It keeps the excellent appearance, a high transparency and durability for many years. Insignificant damages - scratches and the abrasion - after long operation time can be easily eliminated by simple polishing. The disadvantage of the acrylic glass is its insufficiently high resistance to shock loadings. This disadvantage is improved by stretching.

Stretching is one of ways of improving of polymeric material properties. This method is based on the macromolecules rearrangement from a chaotic state to the oriented in a plane which results in the significant properties improvement. At the orientation of an organic glass there is an essential change first of all its mechanical properties.

Especially valuable property of the stretched acrylic glass is its very high shock resistance. The sheet of a stretched glass stands without destruction the impacts by heavy subjects: a hockey puck, a stone, a bottle etc.

Stretched acrylic glass finds wide application in aircraft transparencies due to a high transparency, weather stability, shock resistance (particularly to impact at a meeting with a bird), craze resistance, and formation ability.

Stretched acrylic glass is used for making windshields, canopies and windows for all kinds of planes: sports, civil and military, and also helicopters glazing of all types.

The same complex of properties allows to make from stretched acrylic glass the windshields for motorcycles, motor boats etc.

Stretched acrylic glass is applied as protective glasses to manufacturing masks and helmets which find wide application in the industry at realization of grinding works, removals of a shaving, against dripping and sprayed liquids etc..

The protective helmets glazed with stretched acrylic glass, are applied in pilot survival suits, and also as sports stock. They may find application also for manufacturing riot shields.

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