The Company ROSHIBUS  Ltd was created in 1992. As a whole the company has a 30-years operational experience in this area.

ROSHIBUS  specializes on the manufacturing of a stretched acrylic sheets for aircraft transparencies and for various other applications.

ROSHIBUS  makes also cold curing impregnation compositions on a polyacrylates basis.

ROSHIBUS can offer the customers the qualified consultations on the problems of the shaping and machining of the acrylic glass, and also on the application of the impregnation compositions.

High quality of production ROSHIBUS  is guaranteed by the system of quality management according to requirements of the international standard of quality management ISO 9001:2000 (or the Russian state standard of ГОСТ P ISO 9001-2001) which in turn provides a predicted and stable degree of quality of production and services. The customer oriented system of management allows to satisfy and foresee needs of customers.

ROSHIBUS possesses close connections with the enterprises and design offices of the aviation industry and consumers of the impregnation compositions.

ROSHIBUS  is always open for cooperation with all organizations interested in its production.

ROSHIBUS  is situated down in Dzerzhinsk of the Nizhniy Novgorod area (400 kms from and 40 kms from Nizhni Novgorod).

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